Monday, November 20, 2006

Aye, Yi, I, Eye

Another B-day has got me feelin old today...

It's like 30 degrees cold out there, yikes!

I designed this hand-painted Alphabet Letter "I inside a side-Eye" with black paint on a white board, then scanned it in, cleaned it up, covered it with a Hot-wax filter in Paint-Shop-Pro, resized it, n now like it better than the clean original... I use it as a unicorn eye inside a whole other black n white design.

Well, I guess a few more folks have clicked here by accident but still, no one has commented! My numbers just skyrocketed this week...

Profile Views 52 !!!!!

- WOW! Last week it was still only 32... Hmmm I wonder who'll take the plunge first- n bravely admit to seeing this?
At this rate, I may run out of eye pics to post here...


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