Saturday, May 27, 2006

Been Away

Ah, James Montgomery again, on the mouth harp at a blues fest in my home village a few years ago. I took the pic, myself back in the good old daze-.

This is only my blog away from the home blog, that I use occassionally, as a spare n test-tube-rat. Kinda affectionately as a telly-tubby, but not the purple one. Pix got placed up here before I got to put more on the old, stuck on written matters one.

Maybe I'll use it for other things some-time.
Now it's still just the schitzo-blah-blog!

I'm pretty surprized after not updating all this time,
Blogger didn't even axe me! This is how I learn experimentally...
I wonder if blogs just linger on forever, like my mom's old web page at does.

I'll be VERY surprized if any of my reg readers at ever even find this!
I've got 4 whole profile views already...
and ZERO comments!

How long will this last...
Hmmm, I think I'll ad a link under an obscure title to the other one, and see how long it takes someone to find it... it's been awhile since I re-signed-up here cause blogger was screwed up one day and wouldn't let me into ExitStageRight...

I noticed some bloggers start-up multiple blogs for different purposes.
I really don't have that kind of time, (yet).
Silly me, I signed up as a whole other user!

Oh, the lenghts we travel just to keep blogging once addicted!


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