Friday, November 03, 2006

Who's Watching?

Doesn't this natural wonder of the Universe really look like an eye?

It's probably a nebula, according to the official NASA website where I found my favorite Hubble-Telescope pic here.
This formation is named "The Eye of God."

The Spacey U.S. Government finally decided this week to repair the hubble for another space-tour-of-duty. If you ask me, I think this image was well worth the last repairs, though it's a creepy thought this could be God's eye...

So I had this blog-buddy who decided to delete his blog because 6 comments weren't enough reward for his efforts, post after post.

"No one commented" he would say...
In other words, I was nobody!

Well really, what nerve! That's what I get for bothering to show I cared enough to keep reading and commenting... then BOOM! - No more to read - CUT-OFF Forever, GONE!
What a warped way to treat devoted fans...

I've been waiting over a year for one lousy comment to show up here, and he thinks he's got something to complain about!
Some people are just stuck above regular folks and believe they are better,
but God knows they're only human. So do I!


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